Cute For A Cause was a big success!!! May 2015

Puppy Kissing Booth!
Cute For a Cause May 2015

Cute For A Cause was a huge success! We'd like to thank Seattle Animal Shelter and Old Dog Haven for coming out and hanging with the crowds.

Thanks to our caterer Ramon Shilo, the over twenty local business that donated, our volunteer puppies in the puppy kissing booth, our awesome face painter and to our other volunteers that helped out.

So far we've raised over $2300 for the cause, and we plan on extending the benefit for the rest of the month. We still have several art pieces, terrariums, and a hummingbird feeder available for sale, with proceeds still going towards the two shelters.

We are also leaving out a donation bin for pet supplies in our lobby. If you missed the event feel free to come on in and show your support!

UPDATE: Grand total raised for the month was a little over $2600 for the two shelters!! Woot!!