UPDATE Closed till June 15, New Rules

We have been waiting on bated breath for news of an imminent reopening for businesses like ours for the last month. The new announcement by Governor Inslee is that King County is not ready for Phase 2, but will roll out a modified Phase 1. This will include salons and barbers, which we usually get lumped in with but the stipulation is that appointments are limited to no longer than 30 minutes. It's clear that we will not be included in this. Although some appointments we take would fit in this category no mention of tattoo shops makes us believe it is not our time unfortunately.

When it is time for us to reopen, there is of course new protocol to follow. These rules have been carefully laid out by the state in order to reduce exposure to the virus so we must be vigilant in upholding them to help keep everyone safe. These are the new requirements for all tattoo appointments moving forward in 2020: 

  1. Come Alone: To reduce the exposure to our artists and our other clients, please come to your appointment alone.

  2. Wear a mask: Bring your own, or we will provide you with one. You must wear a mask prior to entering the shop. 

  3. Check-in via text and wait outside/in car: we are operating by appointment only - no walk-ins and nobody can congregate in the lobby. We will only be letting in people with appointments.

  4. Fill out our forms: Fill out our standard waiver, and answer the health questionnaire relating to your exposure to COVID-19, and take your temperature. We will check your temperature with a touchless thermometer before you enter. 

  5. Wash your hands: upon entering the shop you will be asked to immediately wash your hands. 

  6. Protect yourself and your belongings: Bring a clean change of clothing to change into after your service is over, and keep your belongings in a plastic bag to keep them clean and out of harm’s way during your visit. 

  7. Refusal of service: Artists and the shop can refuse services to those suspected to be sick, or those refusing to wear a mask while inside the shop, and those refusing a temp taking. 

  8. Payments through CARDS or VENMO ONLY to reduce the use of cash, we are only taking payments for services through credit cards or a touch-less system like Venmo.

For all consults and art checks we will be attempting to do those remotely using video chat as a means of communication. If we feel that the project cannot be started this way, some consult appointments may have to be in person, but must follow the same protocol as above (with the possible exception being you would not need to bring a change of clothing). 

Until then, please do your part in flattening the curve - stay home, wear a mask, and wash your hands! The fate of our opening depends on our whole community actively making eachother safe. Thank you for your continued support! 


The Two Birds Crew