Yesterday we learned that the Federal Government is urging to extend the COVID-19 guidelines for social distancing until April 30th at the least. We want to remain vigilant in doing our part to prevent the spread of virus, so we will be postponing all appointments (this includes consults and art checks). 

As soon as we can return business as usual, we will be contacting everyone that missed their appointment to reschedule. We have records of everyone's deposits and we will be honoring them toward services as well.

In the meantime, if you'd like to support us please check out the Store link above where you can purchase gift certificates (that can be used toward future tattoos), art prints, t-shirts, and aftercare products. Also, if you'd like to support our individual artists, please check out their Instagram accounts as many of them are for-hire artists, or are selling original art, prints, and other crafts (check the artist profiles for links to their Instagram feeds).

We are all really looking forward to getting back to tattooing and doing what we love, and seeing our community thriving again. Thank you for your support and we hope y’all are doing well and safe!