A few days ago, Governor Inslee announced that Washington state would be extending the stay-at-home order until at least May 31st. He also outlined a multi-phase plan for reopening businesses if all goes well & as planned at the end of the order. 

We assume we will be in Phase 2, along with Salons and Barber shops. Each phase is expected to take at least 3 weeks, to assess their effectiveness before moving onto the next phase. At this point nobody can say exactly when to expect this to happen but we are hopeful to be back by June or July. There may be some restrictions and new regulations moving forward and we plan on working within those guidelines. We don't know what these may be, but its possible we may have to work by appointment only, at a greatly reduced capacity and schedule, and increase the protective gear we wear.

In the meantime, we are working on bettering our website to be more functional as an e-commerce site so we can continue to sell our shirts, hoodies, beanies, accessories, aftercare products, jewelry, enamel pins, keychains, art prints, and of course Gift Certificates for future tattoo work! Soon we hope to be going live with a new and improved site. It will be down for a little while we do the move but it'll look the same, but with more security, and less glitches.

If you'd like to show your support during these difficult times, you can still of course buy from the shop store, but more importantly, please go follow us and our artists on Social Media! Like, share, and comment - help them grow their followership, which helps them get the word out about what they offer and provide another avenue for their income. Go check out what the Two Birds artists have to offer, as they are out-of-work artists now, many of them are offering art commissions, illustration & design services, art prints, tattoo raffles, jewelry/items they make, and more! 

Finding us on Instagram:

Two Birds Tattoo: @twobirdstattoo

Suzy Todd: @suzytodd and @seriousmoonlightjewelry

Ruby Santiago: @rubyocity

Tarah Pennington: @tarahpennington

Alexis Witt: @lexitronacon

Robyn Emlen: @inkbyrobyn

Laura Davie: @ldayvee

Chelsea Youngblood: @tat2chelsea

Morgan Dana: @morgandanatattoos

Misha Dumois: @monstermishtattoos  and @flowersfromthedead

Thank you for supporting the arts! 


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