Tarah Pennington

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    Books are open as of Jan. 25, 2019
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Tarah Pennington

Books are open as of Jan. 25, 2019

Tattooing for 9+ years, I am so grateful to call Two Birds Tattoo my home. I would love to work on more graphic and line-heavy tattoo projects. I love abstract, organic, textural, illustrative, and conceptual arts.

While I will still take on some watercolor tattoo work, I would like to incorporate it into more black line-heavy pieces. My love for color still abounds! I would love to do more saturated color work with either stand alone boldness or beautiful color blends. Bring me your pen-and-ink inspired ideas! Bring me some funky psychedelic imagery! I’ve included some images on the website of drawings, art, completed tattoos, and in-progress tattoos that are up my alley.

Thanks for looking!

As of June 2018: HOURLY RATE= $175 with a 3 hour minimum 

How to book:

Step 1. As always you should fill out our consultation form in its entirety (see link at top of page)

Step 2. Wait patiently for our front desk scheduler to go over your form, this process should take up to one week or less. Your consult will either make it to a review stage or we will suggest another artist. 

Step 3. The artist will go over your form and decide if she is interested in meeting in person for a consult. We will contact you if your project has made it to the next step and you will be asked to call us to book the consult appointment. If the answer is no, we will do our best to recommend another artist to take on your project. 

Thanks everyone!!