Suzy Todd

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Suzy Todd

Tattooing since 2007, Suzy has been a lifelong artist. Inspired by pinup art, portraits and art nouveau, she has a style all her own. She particularly enjoys tattooing: black and gray portraits, sexy/sassy/witchy ladies, classical filigree, art nouveau finery, and animals with natural & botanical elements. In her spare time she can be found hiking PNW trails with her dog pal Goober, making jewelry, and creating realistic portrait oil paintings of interesting people and/or butts on wood, canvas or vintage saws.   

BOOKS CLOSED - reopening in September 2020    

HOURLY RATE = $200 with a 3 hour minimum

How to get a consult with Suzy: Suzy takes on a select handful of projects regularly and will give priority to Black and grey portraits, fierce, witchy & badass ladies, art nouveau ladies, animals & flora, or dark "metal as fuck" stuff.  

Step 1. As always you should fill out our consultation form in its entirety. 

Step 2. Wait patiently for our staff & Suzy to go over your form, this process should take up to two weeks or less.

Step 3. Our scheduler will be in contact with you to let you know if we are going to book you for a consult. If the answer is no, we will do our best to recommend another artist to take on your project.