Chelsea Youngblood

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Chelsea Youngblood

BOOKS CLOSED. But keep an eye out for her Flash and Up for Grabs designs on her instagram page @tat2chelsea.

With 9 years experience, Chelsea Youngblood enjoys many styles of tattooing. Favorites include the use of clean linework, smooth color, and soft but dynamic black 'n' gray. She is experienced in and happy to tattoo all skin types. With her bright attitude and on-point fart jokes, you'll be sure to enjoy your time with her. 

Subject matter that Chelsea is extra stoked to tattoo: Fantasy, Scifi, Creatures, Animals, Pet portraits, Unicorns, Hot dogs, Funny, Cute, Abstract, Geometric, 80's, Food, Floral/botanicals.

Tattoo wonts:

Overly detailed designs that are too small to hold up over time, No-line tattoos, Color linework, Watercolor, White ink tattoos, Micro tattoos, Behind the ear, Inner lip, arm or leg bands, side of finger tattoos, and Memorial death dates.

If you're not heavily tattooed wonts:

Hands, Fingers, Face, Neck.