The Artists

  • Suzy Todd

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    NEWS: Suzy will be moving to Northern California in Spring 2022. She will return periodically for guest spots and conventions, but will make various shops in the wider Sacramento area and the bay area & San Francisco her new home base. If you'd like to get on her mailing list please email and provide your area/location if you want to be notified when she'll be in your area. As always you can follow her on Instagram to get the most up-to-date news!


  • Alexis Witt

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    Lines, Lines, Dots and more Lines! The clean crisp line has become an obsession for me. Twenty two years of " striving for the better"  has turned me into a craftsman of design. During this time I have come to truly enjoy geometric form and layering of patterns. Working gradients of black into Botanical and Scientific illustration highlights my love of nature.


  • Chelsea Youngblood

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    BOOKS CLOSED. But keep an eye out for her Flash and Up for Grabs designs on her instagram page @tat2chelsea.

    Instagram has the latest updates on availability as well as more current tattoo work. You can find me on instagram at: @tat2chelsea

    With 9 years experience, Chelsea Youngblood enjoys many styles of tattooing. Favorites include the use of clean linework, smooth color, and soft but dynamic black 'n' gray. She is experienced in and happy to tattoo all skin types. With her bright attitude and on-point fart jokes, you'll be sure to enjoy your time with her. 

    Subject matter that Chelsea is extra stoked to tattoo: Fantasy, Scifi, Creatures, Animals, Pet portraits, Unicorns, Hot dogs, Funny, Cute, Abstract, Geometric, 80's, Food, Floral/botanicals.

    Tattoo wonts:

    Overly detailed designs that are too small to hold up over time, No-line tattoos, Color linework, Watercolor, White ink tattoos,  Micro tattoos, Behind the ear, Inner lip, arm or leg bands, side of finger tattoos, and Memorial death dates.

    If you're not heavily tattooed wonts:

    Hands, Fingers, Face, Neck.

  • Laura Davie

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    Books Closed

    Tattooing for 8 years, I love doing floral work along with intricate linework, geometric variations, and any type of skull. I will never have enough mandalas. I enjoy working with negative line value and dotwork/stipple style shading.

  • Misha Dumois

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    Books Open

    With a twenty year background in illustration, design and photography and now 2 years experience as Suzy Todd's apprentice!

    Misha is interested in a variety of tattoo ideas but especially likes to work with dark themes, bones, witchcraft, people as well as film and book references. She loves doing black and grey with as much black as possible!

    In Misha's spare time she makes and sells her own tarot/oracle cards called Flowers From the Dead, goes to shows, watches scary movies and cuddles her chihuahuas!

  • Tarah Pennington

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    Books are closed

    Tattooing for 11+ years, I am so grateful to have called Two Birds Tattoo my home. I am retiring from tattooing and moving into a new phase of life. If you have work with me that is in progress, please reach out to me via email as I will be able to schedule guest spots at Two Birds Tattoo. Thank you to all my clients and especially to my work family at Two Birds Tattoo! 

    Much love,



  • Ruby Santiago

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    News: Ruby moved on from Two Birds Tattoo in March, 2021. While she plans to transition away from tattooing, she will return to Two Birds Tattoo to finish projects with guest spots a few times a year.