A couple of rate increases and a NEW TATTOO ARTIST, kinda.

Please welcome back Chelsea Youngblood to the Two Birds Tattoo Crew!!

You may recall that Chelsea apprenticed under Sense Alexis and went off into the tattooing world in 2015.

We welcome her back with open arms and look forward to her budding career here.

Chelsea works Sunday-Thursday 11-7, $150 pr hr. and starts her first shift back here on Sun, February 26th.

You can see her work here:


Art Up PhinneyWood January 2017


Featured Artist Julie Gautier-Downes

In any given landscape there are moments, which tell a story about a place and the people that dwell there. In a metropolis or a ghost town these moments of loneliness and abandonment that can be looked over or forgotten. It is in these spaces that there is an opportunity to see and understand the world in a different way. By exploring, collecting and photographing the world as an archaeologist or detective gives intensity to the seemingly banal and ordinary.

Robyn Emlen

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Robyn Emlen has been tattooing since 2006, and loves what she does!  She specializes in bold, colorful designs with a new school and illustrative twist. Snuggling cats and wrangling squirrels are a favorite pastime, so it only makes sense that the majority of her subject matter is critters and animals. If you're not in the mood for a stupid cute critter tattoo, she also specializes in large scale Asian work. She concentrates on how to make the whole design flow and fit on the body to accentuate the curves and muscle structure of the client. When Robyn is not tattooing or painting, she saves the world one kitten at a time with the power of awesome. Find her most recent work on Instagram. 

Laura Davie

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Tattooing for 5+ years, I love doing floral work along with intricate linework, geometric variations, and any type of skull. I will never have enough mandalas. I enjoy working with negative line value and dotwork/stipple style shading. I also do a lot of watercolor style tattoos with an appropriate amount of black ink to keep them balanced. 

Alexis Witt

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Lines, Lines, Dots and more Lines! The clean crisp line has become an obsession for me. Twenty two years of " striving for the better"  has turned me into a craftsman of design. During this time I have come to truly enjoy geometric form and layering of patterns. Working gradients of black into Botanical and Scientific illustration highlights my love of nature. If you have an idea that fits the described above I would love to work with you.

Tarah Pennington

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I love the color orange in any shade.  I eat green tomatoes without frying them and enjoy jumping on my kid's trampoline.  I mumble while I tattoo, that is if I'm not bursting into song ( I heart Nu Shooz radio, thank you Pandora ).   I like to pet the soft parts in between my cat's toes, even though I put my life at risk when I do so.  I am an amateur paddle boarder and a rad random percussionist.  I am tremendously happy and fortunate to be part of the Two Birds family.  I am celebrating my 9th year as a tattoo artist with the past 7 years here at Two Birds Tattoo.