Gift Certificate - $50

There are few things as exciting as a Tattoo Gift Certificate to Two Birds Tattoo! These make great gifts to friends and loved ones or they make the perfect gift to yourself and a great way to save up for your big future tattoo projects! These are redeemable with all of our artists for tattoos, and can also be used to purchase original art, art prints, jewelry, t-shirts, and other retail items in our storefront. 

$50 would cover a draw fee, or some merchandise from the store, and get you half-way to a small tattoo. This is the perfect amount to get if you want to pitch in for someone's tattoo, or you are saving up for a larger tattoo in smaller increments. 

*NOTE: Two Birds is temporarily Closed due to the state mandate regarding COVID-19 until April 1st, 2020. We will do our best to get orders filled during this time, but may get them out in the mail only once per week. Thank you for your patience. 

8.00in. × 3.60in. × 0.10in.