Suzy Todd

Suzy Todd

As of January 2017: HOURLY RATE= $175 with a 3 hour minimum

How to get a consult with Suzy: Due to high volume of requests, she can only take a small selection of projects every 3 months. Because of this there is a 3 hour minimum for tattoos with Suzy, unless it is a portrait or an up-for-grabs piece she is offering.

If you would like to consult with her about a new project, Please follow these instructions:

Step 1. As always you should fill out our consultation form in its entirety. 

Step 2. Wait patiently for Suzy to go over your form, this process should take up to two weeks or less.

Step 3. Our front desk staff will email you back and let you know if Suzy will either add you to her list for reviewing in July, or if yes we will ask you to call us to book the consult appointment.

If the answer is no, we will do our best to recommend another artist to take on your project.