UPDATE Closed till June 15, New Rules

We have been waiting on bated breath for news of an imminent reopening for businesses like ours for the last month. The new announcement by Governor Inslee is that King County is not ready for Phase 2, but will roll out a modified Phase 1. This will include salons and barbers, which we usually get lumped in with but the stipulation is that appointments are limited to no longer than 30 minutes. It's clear that we will not be included in this. Although some appointments we take would fit in this category no mention of tattoo shops makes us believe it is not our time unfortunately.



We have gotten reports that people are having difficulty with buying Gift Certificates in the website store. We changed some cart settings, and hopefully this has fixed the problem. If you have not been able to buy a gift certificate recently, and you would like to, please try again now.


Yesterday we learned that the Federal Government is urging to extend the COVID-19 guidelines for social distancing until April 30th at the least. We want to remain vigilant in doing our part to prevent the spread of virus, so we will be postponing all appointments (this includes consults and art checks). 

As soon as we can return business as usual, we will be contacting everyone that missed their appointment to reschedule. We have records of everyone's deposits and we will be honoring them toward services as well.