About the Studio

Two Birds Tattoo ArtistsTwo Birds Tattoo is a custom tattoo studio started by Ruby Santiago and Suzy Todd in 2010. You can find us in Greenwood doing what we love best. Our passion is to make tattoos that are well planned, beautiful and custom designed to our client's wishes.

Not only do we offer custom tattoo designs, we also provide an arena for art and retail with our gallery space and storefront dedicated to pacific northwest artists and artisans. Visit us monthly on the second Friday for Phinneywood ArtUp, the neighborhood art walk where we will have a new artist's work on display for the month. Scroll down for business hours and directions.

7408 Greenwood Ave N - Seattle, WA 98103


Please fill out this form if you need a price estimate, an appointment for a new tattoo, or a consult appointment. 

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If you are looking to get a cover up or an addition to a tattoo that you already have, please also include a clear picture of that tattoo. 

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If you have time constraints (ex: you are visiting, moving away soon or can only come in on certain days of the week) let us know.    Please keep in mind that we may be booked out two weeks to several months in advance depending on the time of year and Artist. 
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