Helpful Tips For Making An Appointment.

Helpful Tips To Making An Appointment!

Many of our artists are booked out 3 to 7 months for a consult, it will however be faster to get in for the tattoo once the consult has happened in MOST cases.

You MUST call us on the phone in order to schedule an appointment. We get lots of emails every day asking for appointments and we are just unable to schedule this way because it requires too much "back-and-forth" emailing. Just call us at 206-297-6005 and we will be happy to find the time that works best.

We may ask you to send images for tattoos, but you will still need to do your booking over the phone.

We require an $80 non-refundable deposit for ALL tattoo appointments. The Deposit holds your appointment and is applied to your final balance for tattoo time. Since we do not allow refunds on deposits under any circumstance, you should be absolutely certain that you are willing and able to get a tattoo because we will not give your money back you if you change your mind. We have a 48-hour reschedule policy: if you need to change your appointment date or time we just ask that you call 48 hours in advance of your appointment and we will still honor your deposit to your next appointment. If you do not provide enough notice, don't show up, or are more than 30 minutes late you lose your deposit and your appointment.

We are also enacting a time limit on deposits. If we don't hear from you for 13 months after receiving a deposit (unless otherwise discussed), we will assume you are not moving forward on the tattoo and will forfeit your deposit.

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