Suzy Todd

Suzy Todd

Tattooing since 2007, Suzy Todd has been a lifelong artist. She's been obsessed with drawing sexy sassy ladies from a young age. This has translated to a love of portraiture and pinup art. She loves doing black and grey portraits - especially if its a cultural icon or an admired performer. Art Nouveau is one of her favorite art styles, and loves to blend it with Japanese art or subject matter for a new twist on classic imagery. She often loves making designs with cute critters adorned with flowers and decorative roccoco style filigree and flourishes dripping with jewels. In her spare time she cuddles her dog & cats, enjoys gardening, camping & hiking, and when she has the time paints realistic portraits of animals and butts, and tinkers with jewelry making. 

Because of the high volume of tattoo requests and long wait times for appointments, Suzy is restricting the projects she takes on. This might mean more wait time for the customer now, but the hope is to eventually reduce wait times for everyone that has a project. 

As of January 2017: HOURLY RATE= $175 with a 3 hour minimum 

CONSULT BOOKS ARE CLOSED AT THIS TIME FOR SUZY. Next booking period for new consults: April 2018

We will make an announcement when they are open again. 

How to book: Step 1. As always you should fill out our consultation form in its entirety.

Step 2. Wait patiently for our front desk scheduler to go over your form, this process should take up to one week or less. She will email you back and let you know if your project is likely to be picked by the artist.  If your project isn't right for the artist she will likely make a suggestion for another artist. 

Step 3. At the next consult booking period, the artist will go over your form and decide if she is interested in meeting in person for a consult. We will contact you if your project has made it to the next step and you will be asked to call us to book the consult appointment. If the answer is no, we will do our best to recommend another artist to take on your project. 

Thanks everyone!!